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hi guys! sorry about the long break! NO, i haven’t forgotten about it, just dont have the time. So, how’s life?

That feeling, the feeling u get wen ur doing something ur hearts craves for and  ur mind dwells apon. When u can express ur emotions, at the same time enjoy it. I love getting this feeling, I call it the feeling of ART. U might call it something else, but whether it, writing, preforming, painting, reading, or even chatting with ur friends, The Feeling is The Feeling….


Ok, so I found out about this company called Me to You,who make, those…u know…gift-ish stuff, you know, sorta like….Hallmark (srry, i dont know if u hav that where u live)…
Anyways, one of their characters is named  Tatty Teddy, A cute grey bear, with a blue nose. I would LOVE to have a bear like that!!! Here’s his story!

You, know how I said I’d love to have Tatty Teddy…

I’d love to get my grabby little hands on these…..

Real Eyes


Real Lies


Wats up ppls?!?!
To start off with, there’s a new page just for poetry!!! And then… poll!!!!
Just cuz, im trapped in a land of Boredomness…
Here U go:

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